Shovels and Spades

All Steel Nursery Spades

D-Grip All Steel Spades - Diamond Point and Curved: Long Handle All Steel Spades: Long Handle All Steel Spades: All Steel Shovels: Made in America

All Steel Shovels

Wolverine, King of Spades, and Lesche Shovels. Made in America

All Steel Spades

All-Steel Nursery Spade are designed and built to handle almost any job application. From root pruning to bed edging, our spades not only stand up to the task, they excel at it.



  • Edging landscape bed
  • Prying trees
  • Planting

Long Handle:

  • Spading bed lines
  • Planting trees
  • Prying and straightening trees


  • Heat treated extra thick blades
  • Mill sharpened blades creating a razor sharp cutting surface
  • Smooth comfortable powder coated handles
  • Pre-drilled holes for optional rubber footpad attachment
  • Closed back, forward step
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects


Cap Rock Shovels

Cap Rock Shovels are designed for digging out trees, shrubs, and bushes. The blades are much more rounded then a normal #2 round point shovel which helps with spading out trees. Designed with virtually no angle to the handles, one can dig out trees with ease without the handle getting in the way. We also sell them with flat or slightly cupped blades. Whatever your needs, we have a Cap Rock Shovel to meet them.

The Angle of the head is also critical for the application. Some heads come in 2-1/2 lift and others 4 lift. The lift is the distance from the tip of the blade to the ground when you lay the tool on the ground. Spades are almost zero lift to allow straight digging. Cap Rocks are used to help in nursery and tree digging. Made in USA.

Drain Spades

Narrow long head. Perfect for drain ditching and installation of pipes. 5 to 6" head widths and a variety from 14 to 16" head lengths. Available in D grip, Long Handle, Fiberglass and Ash. Whatever the application we have the tool for you.

Trenching Spades

Special made heads hade high lift so you can easily control the flatness and depth of the trench. Comes in widths from 3" to 6" Long handled, Fiberglass and Ash. Used whenever you need drainage, cable burying etc. Made in USA.

Sod Lifter

Sod Lifters which allow you to get under the sod and preserve the square for replanting or removal.

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